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"I had an amazing experience at Body Treat! As soon as I walked in, I felt the positive and calm energy! Dr. Adams and Beth are so friendly and so warm. I've been having stomach issues, and have been feeling exhausted. I went in for an IV (despite my fear of needles) and felt great afterwards. I highly recommend coming in." 

- Cera A. 

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Tuesday & Wednesday: 1-7pm

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1129 Magnolia Dr. Larkspur, CA 

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IV Vitamins

Ozone Therapy


PRP Injections


Vivace RF

Infrared Sauna


How it Works

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New to IV vitamins? All new patients are required to get the Myers cocktail. 

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Consultation fee is a one-time $100. 

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Why book with us?

  • Highly trained, licensed, experienced staff that are all trained in Critical Care medicine (MD, RN)

  • Centrally located in Marin with easy access from all locations in the Bay Area

  • We utilize only high end, physician tested and vetted products that have proven results

  • We take pride in getting to know all of our clients/patients and providing them with the highest quality of care possible

The Body Treat Team

Dr. Amy Adams, MD

Multi-faceted is an understatement when describing this doctor.  Trained in both Emergency medicine and alternative medicine, her extraordinary intelligence, expansive  knowledge, and quick wit make her the star attraction at Body Treat.  Often referred to as IV goddess, mix master, or just plain Dr. Amy, she is a combination of brains, wit, warmth, and the inspiration behind this operation. With her versatility and top notch medical training, she not only has the ability to address your adrenal fatigue and develop a treatment plan,  but also give a pep talk and discuss the latest Netflix binge worthy shows. She is unlike any doctor around with an incredible sense of  humor and a wardrobe sharp enough to slay. All of this, is included in one visit.   You will leave feeling better knowing you were well listened to, well cared for, and yes, sent off with some suggestions on where to get the best pair of comfortable stylish heels!

Eugene Stipanov

What does an ambulance, a snazzy beard and, an adorable Rhodesian ridgeback dog have in common?  Why Eugene, our insanely awesome IV starter is the answer.  He is a medic with crazy skills.  He can put in an IV going at the speed of 80 MPH, are you kidding me?  We were fortunate enough to snag him here, and now we can pay it forward to you with an amazing IV experience.


Beth Carmody, RN 

With 30+ years of nursing experience, including home Iv infusion, there is no one you can trust more to deliver you a great IV experience.  Even if you are  a “tough IV start”, she will find those pesky veins and make them act right!  You won’t be disappointed with her skill level or her bubbly personality. Who can make you laugh and enjoy yourself all while poking you with a needle?  Beth can!!



Tim Adams, RN 

Mellow mood is not only a great Bob Marley song, but is also the epitome of the personality of this stand out nurse.  His ER experience explains his steady hand and calm demeanor.  Oh and did I mention that he can start an IV on anyone from age 18 months to 80 years old? He is so legit. There is no doubt you will be in the best of hands with this superstar!